Monopolis Team



How did it start?
Started about a year ago, 3 board game enthusiasts from Jakarta thought it would rock to manage our own online board game shop. Board gaming was our passion and it still is, we spent most of our times playing board games with the board gaming community that we built together as well. At the time board gaming hobby was still unknown, but we didn’t care. We gathered our fellow board game lovers and we make regular play dates, events and tournaments. Eventually we get bigger and our community is starting to search for specific titles that are quite rare in our country. From then on we decided to manage our own board game shop in order to provide our community with all their board gaming needs. Now we are proud to say that whatever board game title you are looking for is available for you here (unless they are out of stock haha).
How are you different?
First off all we are not actually a shop, we are a community shop. We are born from board gaming community, we not only know how to sell we also know how to nurture. It is in our forte to teach this amazing hobby to new people and make them fall in love with board games (or tabletop games in general). Board gaming is our passion, we spend more time board gaming than we do any other things! We also dare to assure you that our collection of board game titles is as complete as they can be, we always try our best to stock all the rare titles as much as we can. Lastly, as far as great customer service can go, we can guarantee you that ours is top notch! You are not only a customer, to us you are also our friend. Hit us up and join us whenever you are in the mood to play board game.
What is the future of Monopolis?
As a community shop we want to try our best in providing our community with all their needs. As time goes we realize that as a community, it is necessary to have a place where our community can hang out and play board game to their hearts content which we are working on right now. Aside from that we also realize that board gaming hobby is also a collection hobby so we will keep expanding our stock for that reason. As time goes we will also keep improving our service and our website features to complement your needs.



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